Welcome to Chabad Early Childhood


Although our curriculums are a large portion of our organization, the main advantage of CEC is the camaraderie, support, and training. As a member, you will access hours of early childhood training, become a part of an early childhood family, connect with other directors and educators through webinars, in-person meetings, retreats, and more.
A full year curriculum, monthly zoom meetings with fellow shluchos, monthly training events in leadership and preschool development, access to all previous curriculums published, and more. Please click here for a detailed list.
Yes, your teachers must be signed as a member (with the teacher membership) under your name/school they are affiliated with. There are no additional costs for their membership as it is linked to your (director's membership plan), and they can only access resources under the teacher's drop-down menu. Resources with sensitive information are kept private and are accessible to the directors only.
Locate the membership drop-down menu and click the “as a teacher” button. Follow the directions listed there.
Yes, however, you will have access to the website until a year after the initial payment.


$450 a year with an automatic renewal unless otherwise stated. If you are struggling financially, please email us.
Yes. please contact the administration to set that up
Yes, we offer a $100 rebate for schools in the first year or with a participation of 5 students or less.
Yes. We offer a complete beginners pack. It includes parent handbook samples, teacher handbook samples, lunch menus, contracts, furniture list and more. We also can connect you with experienced directors so that you can discuss your concerns with them.

Resource Access

Yes, we offer three sample resources to all membership inquiries. Email us at ceceadmin@shluchim.org for more information
Please email us at ceceadmin@shluchim.org
Once a year (during the summer) we ship our main curriculum for the year by mail within the US and Canada. Additional resources such as activity packs, teachers ebooks and supplemental teaching content will be sent via email.