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Director Membership

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  • Year-Round Curriculum Series

    Complete teachers guide to teaching ages 3-5 (new series for 2 and under coming soon) Each year a new series comes out and is mailed to you. You can view past curricular series in our archives.
    Included in each curriculum series
    -Directors' Manual
    -Teachers' Training Presentation (PowerPoint, talking points, activities)
    -Customizable Parents' Presentation for Orientation Evening
    -7 Teaching Units
    -End-of-year Wrap-up plus
    -Customizable Video Presentation for End of Year Celebrations

  • Monthly Educational Ebooks for Teachers

    Staff development isn't only for the beginning of the school year. Continue the learning with our educational ebooks. These Ebooks explore the different centers in the classroom and their importance as well as a deeper look into the skills and growth that can be achieved.

  • Leadership Empowerment

    Growth starts at the top. Stay in tune with what's hot in education today and discover how to align it with your values as a chabad preschool on shlichus so that your school can be the best that it can be. Join live webinars with professionals and gain skills in leadership so that you can lead with confidence and handle conflict like a pro. Topics vary according to YOUR needs from effective communication to marketing your preschool to dealing with burnout.

  • Bi-annual Teachers Training

    Teacher training is vital for a stable program to flourish. We offer live and recorded courses both at the start of the year and then again mid year either MLK day or Presidents day. Our ready to use staff development guides come with talking points, video or slideshow presentations, activities & exercises that foster teamwork, handouts & thinksheets for practical application.

  • 3 Live Conferences

    Engage with renowned speakers that’ll guide you in successfully directing your program. For each conference we will include course notes, recordings and ideas to actualize the learning and implement the inspiration gained.

  • Monthly Networking Events

    Never feel alone in your Shlichus again. Join other Shluchos that are preschool directors like yourself in brainstorming new ideas, problem solving and sometimes even venting so that we can continue to provide for both our schools and families in the best way possible.

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

    Together we are stronger. Join a hub for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything preschool related is up for discussion.

  • Access to Resources From Our Library

    Browse our curated library filled with resources from over the years. Enjoy content on all preschool topics. Your teachers can have access to the site as well and download ready to use activities for their classroom.

  • Summer Leadership Masterclass

    Free access to our annual Leadership Masterclass, a full day of learning, growth and inspiration for Shluchim and Shluchos. Immerse yourself in leadership skills and techniques and feel ready to tackle the new year.

  • Winter Retreat

    A members only discount for our two day recharge retreat spent with fellow Shluchos. Partake in several sessions with speakers that are professionals in your field, network and build friendships with like minded directors. Bonus feature; diverse preschool showings.

  • Chabad Early Childhood at the Kinus Hashluchos

    Spend the morning learning, laughing, and connecting at our inspirational sessions at the kinus hashluchos, dedicated to preschool directors, complete with hands-on ideas to implement in your program, networking opportunities and a delicious breakfast.