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Project Inclusivity

Enhancing Early Childhood Education through Fostering Inclusion Academically, Socially and Behaviourally

With the rise of preschools buzzing about inclusive classrooms and curriculums, Chabad Early Childhood presents a program that aligns with our Torah perspectives, highlighting Jewish values and directives in chinuch from the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Create a positive preschool environment that models key Jewish concepts such as Ahavas Yisroel, Derech Eretz and respect for one another.

Project Inclusivity, a year-round program, aims to facilitate directors and educators in creating a positive preschool environment that modals kindness, respect, celebrating the individual and inclusion. The program starts with the teachers and their approach to lesson planning to include each student's needs, and extends to the preschool culture, parent connection, and community involvement in your program.

Introducing Inclusivity

Make your teachers shine and ensure that every little learner feels valued and supported!

Included is a comprehensive guide on how to truly implement individual growth while promoting a sense of community. It includes teacher training, documentation guidance, sample unit, back-to-school night parent presentation, and monthly e-Books that will help you continue to support these inclusive practices.

But how can applying an inclusive model step up every aspect of my preschool program?
Key Advantages Included Are:

Discover the 6 types of learning modes and how to ensure each child learns according to their unique ability. Empower your teachers to plan lessons intentionally and cater to the whole child.

Acquire marketing skills to better position yourself amongst competing programs in your area. Learn how being an "inclusive school" can increase popularity within your community and attract new families..

Discover new event opportunities to include your community on this journey. Learn how to optimize preschool events to promote your preschool, recruit potential families and follow up on leads to grow your program.

Leave a memorable impression on your preschool parents at Back to School Night by effectively conveying your preschool values and implementation plan. Through a hands-on presentation, parents will leave inspired and with the warm feeling that they can trust their child is safe, valued, and cherished in your program. They won't be able to help themselves from spreading the word!

What does it mean to foster Inclusion Academically, Socially and Behaviourally?

Inclusion on an academic level refers to the way in which teachers evaluate students' learning needs and incorporate them into their lesson plans. Both in our training course and in the documentation guide teachers will be equipped to evaluate their students and get to know their unique learning styles. With this information their students will thrive during circle time and centers due to an inclusive approach to laying out the classroom in a way that is beneficial to ALL learners. Teachers can track student success and tailor their lessons accordingly.

Social and behavioral Inclusion refers to the environment of the preschool and implementing values of acceptance, tolerance, teamwork and unity. Through monthly Ebooks teachers will learn more about inclusion and the Torah way to model it for their students.

This Program Includes:
1. Directors Manual

This manual explains the different elements and goals of the program as well as the benefits and advantages of using this model. It also delves into how to practically incorporate and model inclusivity into your preschool program throughout the year.

2. Back To School Night Presentation

Save time preparing for your back-to-school night. Use this presentation and hands-on workshop to explain to your parent body what inclusivity in a Chabad Preschool looks like.

3. Inclusivity Marketing Techniques at the CEC Summer Masterclass

Join a dynamic session at this year's summer Masterclass for tips and tricks to use this program as a way to market your program and stand out from other preschools in your area.

4. Inclusivity Events

Event ideas to bring in parents, grandparents, and the community to boost school-home connections and involve your community in your preschool while showing off your program and generating new leads for prospective students.

5. Teachers Training

We will train your teachers in this teaching method, so you don't have to. As part of our 3-day teachers' training course, staff will gain skills in creating intentional circle times and centers that cater to the entire child as an individual and the entire group as a whole.

6. Documentation

Documentation tips for teachers to get to know each student and track growth as they participate in the inclusivity program. This documentation aid will assist teachers in revealing underlying learning difficulties and encourage staff with creative solutions to helping students with learning disabilities.

7. Sample Unit and Checklists

This sample will focus on the "All About Me" theme so that teachers can see what an inclusive unit looks like and how to implement it in the classroom. We will provide subsequent checklists for each unit to help teachers weave inclusivity into their lesson plans, regardless of topic.

8. 6. Monthly Ebooks

Each month we will provide an EBook that delves into a new aspect of inclusivity. We will cover topics such as collaborative art, teamwork skills, building acceptance and tolerance for all types of students, and fostering loving, respectful relationships.

This brand new initiative is dedicated to Rabbi Eli Baitelman of blessed memory. Eli was a tremendous Baal Chesed, who treated every individual he encountered with love and respect. Eli's many unassuming acts of kindness, left an everlasting impression on so many. In his zechus Chabad preschools globally will participate in this program, continuing his message of spreading love, kindness and positivity.